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Note to Washington Post: Two Democrat-Appointed Judges Will Testify for Alito

Today’s Washington Post carries an article about the judges who will testify on behalf of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito during his confirmation hearings next week.

The article states that the judges were all "appointed by Republican presidents, except [Ruggero J.] Aldisert, who was named by Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson."

However, thanks to the research of Sen. John Cornyn’s staff, there is a slight error in the piece. A Cornyn aide reports:

"Maryanne Trump Barry, who is also scheduled to testify at the hearing, was appointed to the 3rd Circuit by President Clinton, and she was confirmed in the Senate by unanimous consent on September 13, 1999 — after Sen. Lautenberg (D-NJ) gave glowing remarks supporting the nomination (Congressional Record, pgs. S10773-S10774)."

Lautenberg, of course, made glowing remarks about Alito, too. He’s scheduled to introduce the judge along with Christie Todd Whitman on Monday, although that’s more out of respect for home-state pride than love of the man.

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