Winning Is Winning

Winning is winning, whether it’s in life, sports, or politics. There’s another excellent article in the Washington Post today about Joe Gibbs’ leadership:

"You can’t weigh a heart," Gibbs said when asked about the challenge of identifying character in a prospect. "You can’t see how high it jumps. It’s morally, what is this person all about? This is a team sport, and some people can’t get away from the individual aspects of life and sacrifice for the team. But those are the key issues in how good a guy is going to be."

… And speaking of the Skins, it seems like I’m not the only one obsessed with Saturday’s game:

“Redskins fans everywhere are carving out time for tomorrow’s big game, and Washington movers and shakers are no exception. For Tim Russert, that means timing his day practically down to the minute.

"Having booked his guests for Sunday’s "Meet the Press" earlier than usual, he expects to complete his prep by midday.

"Then he’ll hit the 4 p.m. Catholic Mass at Georgetown University. "Keep it tight, Father," Russert muttered to himself hopefully yesterday. From the university, he’ll make a six-minute drive to his house.”