RNC Seeking Help for Alito 'Rally Squad'

The Republican National Committee is asking supporters of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito to serve as volunteers for counter-rallies next week to confront left-wing activists.

Here’s the note from the RNC’s Martin Gillespie (whose contact information is below).

During next week’s hearings for Judge Alito, we need volunteers to counter-rally at expected anti-Alito demonstrations.

Because for the past two months the anti-Alito forces were unable to develop any grasssroots activity in the states, we are expecting them to attempt it in Washington next week.

Our goal is to develop a "Rally Squad" of volunteers who will be ready to convene at a TBD point next week. We will have pro-Alito signs for them and pro-Alito surrogates will be on-hand for media commentary.

If you can spare any time next week, please let me know as soon as possible. You can contact me at and please be sure to give me your full name and phone number as well. We may not need any volunteers, but it will be important to be able to call on them should the need develop. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you as always for your continued support.


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