Human Events Launches

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The nation’s oldest conservative weekly newspaper, Human Events, will offer breaking news and analysis about Judge Samuel Alito and his upcoming confirmation hearings at will be updated throughout the confirmation process by the Human Events team of editors and contributors to, the website of the 62-year-old newsweekly.

Robert Bluey, editor of, will cover the hearings from start to finish at the Hart Senate Office Building and report on breaking news as Alito moves toward confirmation. will be a one-stop shop for all the news and information conservatives crave about Sam Alito,” Bluey said. “We will document the myths and misinformation spread by liberals and report on breaking news during the confirmation hearing.”

Other contributors include:

Amanda Carpenter, Human Events Assistant Editor, who will focus on the left’s anti-Alito activities

Matt Lewis, executive director of the North Dakota Judicial Confirmation Network

Marshall Manson, former vice president of public affairs for the Center for Individual Freedom


To schedule an interview with Robert Bluey or Amanda Carpenter, please contact Patricia Jackson at (202) 216-0601 ext. 478.