When a recent report found that 85% of the Small Business Administration’s Supplemental Terrorist Activity Relief loans went to companies that never came near terrorism, such as a South Dakota radio station, a Florida dry cleaner and a Vegas tanning salon, Sen. Clinton immediately blamed the administration and called for an investigation.

She said she was "particularly incensed" that the SBA gave these 9/11 loans to places such as a Texas golf course “while many New York businesses struggled just to stay afloat.” 

She called on President Bush and the Senate to look into the SBA’s operations, especially since the agency is playing a prominent part in helping small businesses also recover from Hurricane Katrina. 

“With the pivotal role the SBA will play in the Gulf Coast’s recovery, we need to ensure that future recovery and relief programs…will not be subject to the same conduct," she wrote to the President. 

Then she blasted the White House, saying “the American people have every reason to question the administration’s preparedness for disasters due to the failures surrounding Katrina and other recent events.”