Delusional Dems Dream About '06 Wins

The New York Times reported on January 1 that, although a Democratic takeover of the House is doubtful, Senate chances look rosy.  After all, Mississippi Senator Trent Lott may be retiring, so Democratic strategists say that state is in play.  Forget the fact that the South is the equivalent of Bangladesh in terms of the Democrats’ knowledge of the voting populace; the “Republicans are evil” campaign just might make the South rise again in its entire 40 years of dead Democratic splendor.

The Democrats underestimate the intelligence of the voting public.  The public wants a plan, not just a list of why the opponent stinks. However, modern Democrats especially seem to think that mudslinging will somehow win elections.  As long as the left has the Paul Krugmans of this world writing that the American people are too dumb to make decisions about their healthcare, they can look forward to their continued defeat.  Unless of course, skewed Senate voting rules allow forty liberals to enact Walter Cronkite’s proposal to bar non-Harvard graduates from voting.  

Perhaps the Democrats have an election strategy after all.  Liberal New York Sen. Charles Schumer called for an investigation into who jeopardized national security by divulging the existence of the NSA wiretap program to monitor suspected terrorists on his New Years day appearance on Fox News Sunday.  In the same sentence, Schumer derided the program, saying it was an example of a power-grab by the White House and a violation of the Constitution.  Schumer’s comments call into question his motives behind demanding a leak probe.  Schumer’s “tough on security” façade is merely an effort to embarrass the president and undermine the war on terror.   

In addition to appearing “tough on security,” the other facet of the Democrats’ 2006 election strategy, as the New York Times reports, is to narrow their message to a small list of focus issues, which probably amount to the following:

a. The right to kill a nascent child
b. Library privacy for people who want to learn about bomb construction
c. Democracy only works in America (emphasize this the most)
d. Filibuster every Supreme Court nominee until Gloria Steinem is nominated

For a party that consistently loses the Christian vote, it is absolutely mind blowing to watch their efforts to “reach out” to religious voters by filibustering judges based on one specific issue.  It seems that they have no one to turn to for advice, so Harry Reid has been holding strategy conferences with members of and far-left bloggers to set up a campaign strategy to appeal to more voters.  All they need now is some tie dye shirts and crescent-shaped sunglasses and they can take back Congress.

The chairman of Howard Dean’s failed presidential campaign accused Republicans on Hannity and Colmes of “pie-in-the-sky optimism,” saying that democracy will never work despite the fact that more Iraqis vote in elections than Americans ever have.  Quite simply, the Democrats are invested in Iraq’s failure so that they can say “See, I told you!” when their retreat and defeat policy sends Iraq into oblivion.  Once again, they have managed to politicize a war thus undermining our successful prosecution of it.

It seems that the glass is always half empty for America in the Democratic camp.  What they fail to understand is that most Americans think in terms of the glass being half full.  America has always been a nation of hope and opportunity, not defeat and pessimism.  Until the left understands this, the South will always be the camel’s nose underneath the Democrats’ camp tent.