Personal Business

The American Spectator reports that Hillary was “at the very least” the most influential voice in sending the D.C. Circuit Court nomination of White House adviser Brett Kavanaugh back to the desk of President Bush. 

Under Senate rules, nominations that have not been voted on by the end of the year are returned to the White House.  A Senate Democratic leadership source says that “She has had a hold on his nomination in the past,” and that “Everyone on our side knows why she was less than thrilled with Kavanaugh as a nominee."

Other key Senate staffers from both parties confirmed it was a "Hillary Hold" or objection that killed the Kavanaugh nomination.  According to the Spectator, the reason for Hillary’s hostility is Kavanaugh’s former role as a deputy to former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr. He was a principal author of the Starr Report, which intimately detailed Mr. Clinton’s adulterous affair with his intern, Monica Lewinsky. 

Although Kavanaugh was first nominated several years ago, “in the end, it was Clinton’s holds and passive aggressive stance on the nominee that kept Democrats opposed."  It is expected that the President will re-nominate Kavanaugh sometime later this year.