Hello Novello

In the aftermath of Jeanine Pirro’s withdrawn candidacy, the Daily News reports that Republicans close to Gov. George Pataki are trying to recruit state Health Commissioner Antonia Novello to run against Hillary.  

The 61-year old Novello, a native of Puerto Rico, was U.S. surgeon general during the first Bush administration.  These GOP insiders argue that Novello’s experience has given her “a strong understanding of federal policies, particularly health care,” and would be able to compete with Sen. Clinton on those issues.  In addition, her gender and Hispanic background might help her in New York as well.  

One Republican operative told the Post that “Any race with Sen. Clinton in it will get huge national attention, and that could tempt Novello, who has a lot of confidence in herself.”  

Novello has yet to comment on the possibility of running against Hillary, but if she enters the fray she will be running against John Spencer and possibly Ed Cox for the Republican nomination.