Castro Government Wants to Kill Cuban Adjustment Act

The Cuban Adjustment Act passed by an overwhelming Democratic Party majority in Congress and was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The law says that any Cuban who reaches the American shore from the Communist-run island shall immediately be granted asylum in one year after they set foot here.

While covering the Elian Gonzalez case as a reporter, I surmised that if young Elian had not been rescued by those fishermen off the Florida coast and made the American soil, the young lad would have been allowed to stay in America and Attorney General Janet Reno and those people would not have grounds to pull the unconstitutional raid on Elian’s relatives in Miami that fateful April Saturday morning.

If Reno had been an attorney general in a Republican administration, you would have never heard the end of it in the mainstream media.

But the Cuban Adjustment Act is still riling up the Castro government, now they have got a Miami-based journalist on their side.

In Thursday’s edition of the Cuban Communist Party newspaper “Granma,” Andres Gomez, director of the Miami-based “Areitodigital” publication, said the Cuban Adjustment Act is what he called “a destabilizing policy by the U.S. against the Cuban Revolution.”

Last week, Granma did an editorial on the act and it was headlined, “Washington’s Weapon for Creating a Migration Crisis.”

Gomez called on the Bush administration to put an end to the act. He echoed the Castro government’s contention that the act encourages “illegal emigration from Cuba to the United States.”

If living Cuba were such a barrel of laughs, Mr. Gomez, then why do people grab any seaworthy or airworthy craft to get out of such a euphoric place?

According to the “Granma” article, Gomez argues that “This policy has served as tool to rob the island of its professionals and as a way to provoke an immigration crisis that could justify a U.S. military aggression against the island.”

Gomez also says there are “Fatal consequences that illegal immigration has had on Cuban’s -encouraged by the Cuban Adjustment Act- who risk their and their children lives in the risky trip across the Florida Straights (sic).”

Gomez concludes his article by saying America should put an end to the act, the American economic blockade against the Castro government and American “aggressive anti-Cuban policies.”

Finally, Gomez states “that the US must respect the right of the Cuban people to live in peace.”

Live in peace? I have not heard of any American plans to invade Cuba. I guess when America beams in the truth about the Castro regime by Radio Marti and other means, which is taken as America not allowing Cubans to live in peace. You can’t distort a communist government’s record by telling the truth about it.

The reason why Castro and his government and his sympathizers are getting so riled up is because Cubans continue to leave their homeland. Castro’s dictatorship of Cuba has blocked the realization of the dreams and aspirations of Cubans.

Our politicians from both sides of the aisle should quit going to Cuba and talking and making deals with Castro. Did FDR ever go to Germany and wine and dine with Hitler??

Instead of easing up on Castro, the Bush administration should keep the pressure on. America should keep the Cuban Adjustment Act on the books, keep up the economic embargo and more actively encourage democratization of Cuba.

Many Cuban analysts in America believe that Cuban democrats are gaining clout. Let us hope that they are. The Bush administration should encourage other foreign governments, human rights groups to continue to help Cuba’s democrats.

When Castro leaves the “pitching mound” so to speak in Cuba, there are too many waiting to succeed him in the bull run. We have Castro’s brother Raul, Ricardo Alarcon and Felipe Perez-Roque to name a few top government officials that are waiting to pitch.

This is why I have never been real optimistic that when Castro goes there will be rapid change in Cuba toward democracy.

America needs to know more about the activities of those government officials who are closest to Castro and who operates Castro’s organs of repression. These Castro loyalists and their friends could cause trouble not only in Cuba but in America and elsewhere. Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and the newly elected Bolivian President Evo Morales come to mind.

We should heed the words of House Judiciary Committee Chairman James Sensenbrenner several weeks ago when talking about America in the war against terrorism. He said, “We must change the world or the world will change us.” No truer words were ever spoken. We must keep up the pressure on Castro and America’s now and potential enemies.