2006: A Year to Get GOP Back to Its Roots

Now that 2005 is fading into history, the time is right for the Republican Party to make its New Year’s resolutions for 2006. While the national news media may be calling upon the GOP to support an immediate pullout from Iraq and a relaxation to its staunch opposition to nationalized health care, it’s high time for the party of Lincoln to return to its roots. In fact, Republicans have an opportunity to change the course of history—but they can only do it if they go back to conservatism’s core beliefs. Here’s a list of the resolutions GOP leaders should be making for 2006:

Spotlight the plight of the unborn—and do what it takes to protect them. Some Republicans have completely abandoned unborn Americans. Others claim to be pro-life, but don’t give that philosophy life through their actions. The war on the unborn has taken 46.5 million American lives since 1973, when the initial assault was launched with Roe vs. Wade, the mind-numbing U.S. Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortion. It’s time for Republican leaders to take a strong stand to protect children within the womb. National public opinion polls have consistently shown that a majority of Americans want limits on abortion. Therefore, Republicans need to get past the media misconception that most voters support abortion on demand. By declaring their intention to protect unborn children—whatever it takes—Republicans have an opportunity to radically improve the quality of life in the U.S.

Protect the sanctity of marriage. It should be no surprise that former Democratic President Bill Clinton is making headlines by sending a video of congratulations to singer Elton John for his “marriage” to his gay lover. The Democratic Party is, quite simply, the party of same-sex marriage. Given this fact of modern political life, the GOP is in the perfect position to protect the sanctity of marriage. Republican leaders must spearhead initiatives to ban same-sex marriage. Dr. Timothy J. Dailey of the Family Research Council has written, “By their own admission, gay activists are not simply interested in making it possible for homosexuals and lesbians to partake of conventional married life. Rather, they aim to change the essential character of marriage, removing precisely the aspects of fidelity and chastity that promote stability in the relationship and the home.” The push for same-sex marriage is, at its core, an attack on the traditional family. For the sake of our children and our children’s children, the Republican Party must take concrete action to put a stop to same-sex marriage.

Make government smaller. Conservative icon Ronald Reagan declared an end to big government in the 1980s, but it appears that some Republicans in the 21st century want to bring back big government in a big way. President George W. Bush has issued a goal of halving the federal deficit by 2009. If Republicans in Congress do what they can to achieve that goal, they would still be doing only the minimum of what’s really needed. Big government—and the outrageous federal taxes that go with it—are a major drain on the nation’s economy, and the antithesis of good conservative money management. As the nation’s 78 million Baby Boomers retire and begin to draw on Social Security and Medicare at the end of this decade, our budget troubles will only escalate. The time to rein in federal spending is now—not a few years down the road. Otherwise, we’ll be saddling our children with a debt that will threaten the financial stability of their families.

Achieving these three resolutions should be top priorities for Republicans in 2006. Otherwise, the GOP’s conservative credentials will be seriously threatened and there will be more political trouble ahead for Republicans.