Pete's Wish

Young Peter Feddo, a 22-year old computer and web consultant and former top official with the Young Democrats of Virginia, has formed a national Hillary Clinton for President campaign committee and says his dream ticket for 2008 is to have Hillary paired with Virginia Gov. Mark Warner.

“A Clinton-Warner ticket would be the best thing this country could see,” he claims. Feddo filed papers with the Federal Election Commission recently that allows his independent committee to raise and spend money promoting a Clinton 2008 presidential candidacy.

Feddo recently sent out his first e-mail fundraising letter describing Sen. Clinton as “a progressive candidate who can win in Blue and Red America” and “the only candidate who can take back the White House in 2008.”

Although Feddo denies any connection with Sen. Clinton’s team, he told the Associated Press, “I have no doubt she’s going to run.”

This Hillary fan has met the senator just twice, including at a Clinton Senate campaign fundraiser in Alexandria, Va., earlier this year. “I told her what a great leader she is, and she moved on and shook somebody else’s hand,” Feddo remembered.