Media in Meltdown Over Mosque Monitoring

While most of us were celebrating our faith, "Big Media" was continuing to do its best to blow-up U.S. efforts to win the war declared on us by the Islamofascists. The latest media outlet to get into the "gotcha game" was U.S. News and World Report, a magazine once perceived as conservative, but now chooses to "ape" the New York Times.

In its pre-Christmas issue, U.S. News breathlessly broke a story that the federal government was running a top-secret program to monitor sites in some U.S. cities, including Washington, D.C., Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York and Seattle, for evidence of radiation. The goal is to be able to detect, in time, a dirty nuclear bomb that we know our enemy wants to smuggle and detonate in the United States.

Sounds like a good program to me. But what has the media in a meltdown is that many of the sites monitored were Muslim and that the radiation monitoring, which at times included driving the monitoring truck into a parking lot or driveway, was not done pursuant to obtaining a search warrant. David Cole, a professor at Georgetown University Law School, said the tactic would clearly "intrude on privacy."

Where should we begin? Do the critics really see a problem with the fact that many of the sites were Muslim? If Lutherans or Episcopalians claiming to act by the dictates of their faith had killed three thousand Americans on 9/11 and had a history of hiding weapons in their churches, would we conduct surveillance outside of Amish churches?

Secondly, just what privacy right is being violated by the government checking the air for unusual levels of radiation? There is no right to posses dirty nuclear bombs. No person was being searched, and no house was entered. The Supreme Court has already ruled that publicly accessible driveways and parking lots are not areas that require warrants. The threat to our constitutional liberties does not come from a truck attempting to stop a mushroom cloud over a major U.S. city. Rather, it comes from an enemy that will, if it prevails, sink the world back into another dark age.

Clearly, the Bush-Bashers have their theme for 2006. It is just another permutation of Bush as Hitler. Instead of congratulating the administration for preventing another 9/11-like attack over the last four years, we are supposed to all be panicking about our loss of liberty at the hands of the these "fascist Republicans."

But, what if the Bush Administration had conducted the war during the last four years the way the media elites preferred: You know — an ACLU attorney for every terrorist and Miranda rights read on the battlefield — with the inevitable result being another attack on our homeland and more lives lost. Yes, you guessed it — the same media mavens would be writing about how Bush-Cheney slept while Americans died.