There's a Big Difference Between 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Holidays'

What’s the real difference between wishing someone a "Merry Christmas" or instead, saying "Happy Holidays?"  Both are said in kindness, meant to wish someone well during the same time of year.  It seems that the two should be interchangable, that they both essentially mean the same thing.  Therefore, when someone takes offense to being wished a "Merry Christmas", it seems like no big deal to just substitute "Happy Holidays" and be done with it.  It may seem like no big deal, but it is.
A Very Big Deal.
Christmas is not just any old holiday.  Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, and the teachings of good will and kindness towards one another that Christ brought to this world.  We celebrate his birth not only to honor Him, but to remind ourselves of how we strive to live our lives of faith.  
The majority of Americans belong to a religion or faith that believes in the teachings of Jesus.  Why is the majority being asked to hide their faith for the so called ‘comfort’ of a minority? Our country is based on majority rule.  While it would be unreasonable to force all to be the religion of the majority, it is equally unreasonable to ask the majority to deny their faith because a select few are uncomfortable.  Yet, this is exactly what is happening.
We deny our children the right to celebrate Christmas in their public schools.  They are not allowed to sing Christmas carols, decorate Christmas trees or even hand out candy canes with religious sentiments.  In fact, some of our children have been punished, suspended or chastized for doing so.  What message does this send to our children?  It implies that there is something wrong with expressing faith in Jesus.  It subtly pulls them away from their faith, while at the same time promoting other minority faiths as being somehow ‘better’ or more acceptable.  Our children are damaged by these ridiculous practices, and it is time to put an end to the persecution of Christianity in our public schools.  Christianity is the predominant faith of our country, it should not be treated as it it was deviant or radical or even subversive. Yet, it is.  Small wonder that our society is moving farther away from religion and losing touch with the discipline and moral code that religious practice offers.
It is also interesting to note that many non-christians celebrate Christmas.  Has any Christian ever come out and condemned anyone for participating in the holiday without believing in Christ?  Has any Christian group ever come out and denied a religious presentation in a public school by another religious group?  Of course not.  It is only Christianity which is repeatedly shunned from school celebrations.  The liberal agenda is hard at work, making sure Jesus stays out of his own holiday.
The fact is that the teachings of Christ are the basis for our legal system and government. Thou shalt not kill, (murder) covet thy neighbor’s wife, (adultery) lie, steal, bear false witness, etc. all come from the Ten Commandments.  As a member of our society, we buy into these beliefs as true and sound.  Therefore, we have a reason to celebrate Christmas even if we aren’t Christian, as we are celebrating the fundamental cornerstones of our society.
What we lose when we generalize the Christmas season with the ambiguous "Happy Holidays" is the connection between Christ and Christmas.  That is exactly what the liberals want us to do.  They want to level the playing field and keep the minority in rule, instead of the rightful majority.  Liberalism is socialism, and if you look at socialism or socialist countries you will find that they often do not allow religion.  They don’t want anything to compete with the influence of the government over its people.  "Happy Holidays" is the first step in eradicating the most prominent religion from our society.
What can we do about this?  We can remember to stand proud in our faith, and not allow ourselves to be browbeaten by the minority liberal agenda.  We can set a place for Christ at our Christmas table, and make sure that our holiday is centered around the teachings of Jesus.  We can take the time to renew our faith, and build upon the strength that our faith provides for us.  We can greet one another with a boisterous "Merry Christmas!" and know we mean just that.