Anti-Alito Campaign Blossoms on Internet

Pro-abortion Planned Parenthood is running banner ads on, the Alliance for Justice is e-mailing Christmas cards, and People For the American Way is offering video spots.

What do all three have in common?

They’re all attacking Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito using the Internet. As the left gears up for what conservatives expect to be an onslaught of attack ads on Alito in January, the Internet is already the medium of choice.

And in the case of these three advertisers, each has a target audience., the popular website for college students and alumni, reaches a young demographic. People For the American Way is appealing to its hard-cord left-wing base. And the Alliance for Justice is trying to be cute by sending a "Happy Holidays and an Alito-Free New Year" card to its mailing list.

The left’s anti-Alito campaign, which I wrote about earlier this month, is designed around the notion that Alito will somehow strip Americans of their rights. (Even in the case of abortion, the left hasn’t been able to build much of an argument against Alito given his record on the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.)

To get the point across, groups such as the Alliance for Justice and People For the American Way (which together with the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights make up the Coalition for a Fair and Independent Judiciary) have resorted to blanket attacks and distortions. Perhaps the fact that the liberal media haven’t followed suit with their own attacks is indication of the effective truth campaign run by conservatives.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention the efforts of Campus Progress, an offshoot of the left-wing Center for American Progress. This group has released a video, “Alito’s America,” and is now collecting amateur photos of people saying and doing weird things to demonstrate their opposition. Campus Progress was started to counter conservative college-oriented organizations such as Young America’s Foundation and the Leadership Institute. The only difference is that conservatives wouldn’t resort to silly and childish behavior, which, if you visit Campus Progress, is apparently the young left’s best offering against Alito.