What's Christianity's Role in Public Life?

The annual War on Christmas and the ongoing struggle of Darwinists against evidence for Creation and Intelligent Design continue to erupt as flashpoints of social controversy.  

Behind these struggles looms the question of secularism and its attempted hegemony over American thought and life.

Is there a Creator, and is He a public figure?  Does Christianity as a worldview have a legitimate role to play in public life, education, and science?  

Or are the ACLU and the secularists right?  Maybe Christianity really is just a private affair of personal faith and feelings.  

In this context, readers familiar with best-selling author Nancy Pearcey’s "Total Truth" may appreciate knowing that the 31-page Study Guide originally published with the new edition of the book (September 2005) is now available free of charge at The Pearcey Report.  

In "Total Truth," Nancy Pearcey argues that the Christianity is not just “religious” truth holed up in a corner somewhere.  But, rather, it is a comprehensive worldview oriented to reality across the board, providing a liberating framework for human dignity and creativity in every sphere of human endeavor.  In this sense it is "Total Truth."   

The purpose of the Study Guide is to help readers — as individuals or in group study — master the major themes of the book.  New information, examples, and illustrations are included to give opportunities for practical experience in applying the concepts to the challenges of daily life.    

To obtain a copy of the study guide, go to A stand-alone document is there to be downloaded at one’s convenience.  

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