N.D. Politician Goes After the Pre-Teen Vote

Here’s an interesting human interest story.  According to today’s Fargo Forum, “The North Dakota attorney general said Wednesday that schools can’t be in session Jan. 2 … State law “requires schools to refrain from holding school on Monday if New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday,” wrote Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.”

Of course, this announcement has caused problems and confusion for teachers and parents — as well as those planning the school’s calendar.

“We were trying to find enough days to have school,” said the President of the West Fargo Education Association. “We discussed whether we could hold school on Jan. 2 and thought we could.”

As a politician, the good news is that Stenhjem’s announcement made him extremely popular in North Dakota.  The bad news is that his biggest supporters are 10 years old.  Normally, I’m against government intervention.  But there’s got to be a law on the books somewhere that says I can’t go to work that day, either …