Bethell in the News

Articles about my book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science, appear today on ("The Stem Cell Scam") and in The Washington Times ("A Deteriorating Paradigm"). And over the weekend, Patrick J. Buchanan wrote a column discussing the chapters in my book that deal with Darwinism and intelligent design.

A quick comment: I think people are beginning to accept that liberals and left-wingers indeed have used science as their handmaiden, in their attempts to gain political control over our lives. This has been blatant in the case of global warming–an attempt to find a scientific rationale for bringing the economic life of the nation under central control.

At the same time, we are incessantly urged that government funding for this or that program must be expanded.  The experts like nothing more than to blind us with science.  Whether we are talking about the hunt for genes that cause cancer, or for stem cells that will cure diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease, the message is the same: the government should spend more money on these programs!

In my LewRockwell article, I point out that the South Korean government did spend a lot of money on stem-cell research, and were able to get away with a great deception, at least for six months. As for the "deteriorating paradigm," I point out in The Washington Times that for 30 years the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute have searched for mutated genes that cause cancer but have never been able to find them. Now, they are planning to spend another $100 million on the same search. At some point, the NIH will need a new theory.  The problem is that the government tends to monopolize research funds and for sure hates to admit that it ever made a mistake.