Quite Possibly the Best Worst Ad I Have Ever Seen; NARAL Makes My Night

Leave it to NARAL to make an ad that makes me cringe through the whole debacle, but leave me cheering at the end.

If you have the patience, watch this flash presentation of Sens. Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum dining Mafia-stlye with Pat Robertson, James Dobson and Pat Buchanan. And if you don’t want to sit through it, I’ll just tell you anway.

Set to terribly cheesy accordian music the five are seated, sipping wine, plotting who they may replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with. Now, get this….and this is the joke….President Bush is their waiter! As if that weren’t funny enough, he serves them soup that has…wait for it, wait for it, a moderate in it! And the moderate is Harriet Miers! Oh, my gosh. Give me a second. Whew.

Naturally, they complain “there is a moderate in my soup” and send it back. Then, oh, it isn’t over yet, Bush comes back out and serves them Sam Alito on silver platter! Alito smiles and does this really erractic dance with his bobbly head and hands (that I actually found to be rather endearing) and through a cartoon bubble says exactly what he said on his Judiciary application: “The Constitution does not protect the right to an abortion.” The diners clap and viewers are supposed to feel bad Bush gave the right what they wanted. Whoops, I was clapping with the boys at the table.