Tancredo: 51 Terrorist Suspects Crossed Border Illegally

Anti-illegal immigration crusader Rep. Tom Tancredo has issued a press release (hat tip: Jihad Watch) revealing that 51 people who crossed into the U.S. illegally have been arrested in the last year on terrorism-related charges.

Tancredo says: "What scares me is not this list from federal law enforcement — after all, we’ve already caught those terrorists. What scares me is the potentially hundreds of terrorists who make their way through our porous borders each year and go undetected."

Meanwhile, big business lobbyists are declaring all-out war on congressmen who support a new Republican proposal requiring businesses to verify the legal status of their workers. Apparently, the economic damage their companies will sustain from another mega-attack perpetrated by jihadists who waltzed in over our southern border does not factor into their business planning.