And Stay Out

Kremlin watchers take note: ANSWER has been officially denounced by David Corn and United for Peace & Justice (which represents 1,300 antiwar and anti-American groups).  Corn denounces the commie group as revolutionary kooks, political fanatics, far-left cultists, and apologists for tyrants.

I’m not going to say I told you so, but…..When I wrote an LA Weekly piece three years ago that criticized the antiwar group ANSWER (noting it had been organized by the Workers World Party, a far left political sect that has supported Kim Jong-Il and Slobodan Milosevic) and that suggested other antiwar organizations ought to oppose the war without hooking up with ANSWER, I got a lot of crap from certain lefties for daring to think and write critically about an outfit that was trying to prevent the pending war. Alexander Cockburn, for one, likened me to the snitches of the 1950s who tattled on commies. My point was simple: be careful about marching behind revolutionary kooks and political fanatics who wish to use the antiwar movement for their own ends.

UFPJ and the anti-American movement had to be rid of ANSWER if they were to continue a believable “antiwar” approach to power.  It’s only surprising they waited. ANSWER wasn’t going to dodder off into obscurity (having never left) and the useful idiots hadn’t formed any lasting bond with the group, as they had with Cindy Sheehan.

Not a big deal, certainly, but another sign the grownups are clearing the Stalinist baggage off the antiwar movement, the better to keep up pressure on Hillary and the DLC.