Top 10 Movies Conservative College Students Are Watching

Ranked by the staff of the Leadership Institute’s Campus Leadership Program.

1. The Passion of the Christ

The testament of Christ, the basis of all Western thought and tradition, the most important moment in history.

2. A Man for All Seasons

Thomas More defies the will of the King by refusing to attest to the sacredness of the King’s marriage, and pays with his life.

3. Lean on Me

Morgan Freeman is a principal at a dilapidated New Jersey high school that he reinvigorates through hard work, achievement and stern discipline.

4. Cheaper by the Dozen

A fun family film extolling more virtue than Hollywood has produced in a long time.

5. Death Wish

After his family is destroyed by thugs, Charles Bronson decides to teach criminals the lesson that the liberals can’t through courtrooms or mediation.

6. Red Dawn

Communists invade the heartland, and a band of boys take to the hills and start an insurgency against the invaders.

7. Dirty Harry

Much in the same vein as Death Wish, Clint Eastwood is a police officer doing what it takes to fight crime against the liberals who worry more about defendant rights than the victims.

8. The Outlaw Josey Wales

Clint Eastwood is a soldier who fights those who took everything he cared about.

9. Zulu

Heroism in the face of overwhelming odds, 139 Welshmen fight off 4,000 Zulu soldiers.

10. PCU

The state of modern colleges, summed up in an excellent comedy showing the ridiculousness of the politically correct mob.