ARCHIVE Sells Offensive Pro-Abortion Pin

I get emails from to stay on top of what my rights really are, since news sources like Human Events are really only in business to oppress me and keep me barefoot and in the kitchen.

Luckily, I get weekly “action alerts” from Crystal Lander at the Feminist Majority Foundation. Included in this week’s update was a link directing me where I can purchase feminist gift for my friends and family that include “sweatshop-free shirts and products to benefit Afghan and South African women.” I clicked. On the shopping page was this pin.  

I thought surely this could NOT be a promotional item for, but oh, it is. It’s a pin with a hanger, to encourage support abortion “rights” because the hanger has a red “no” sign, similar to that of a non-smoking sign. But the hanger!! In my mind a Roe-ver plus a hanger equals baby-killer. Even if the pin does have a red dash through it, all I see is that dang hanger and someone trying to use it. They might as well take the dash off and show people what they really are.