RE: Is Israel Moving Closer to Attacking Iran?

Just a comment or two on Jack Langer’s posting.

In order for Israel to attack Iraq, they will almost assuredly fly over Iraq. Would the U.S. allow them to fly over? If Israel attacks Iran — and the U.S. doesn’t interdict Israel’s aircraft the world will know we are with Israel, whatever we say in our press releases.  

Is it in our interests to go to war with Iran? I don’t think the administration believes it is, so I can only imagine they are trying to exert pressure on Israel to not attack.

Considering the huge problems with launching an attack that would be 100% effective I believe an attack is unlikely. But Israel may feel backed in a corner without a choice. And considering how the U.N. acts towards and Israel and comments that the President of Iran have made lately, they may think they have nothing to loose, even by an attempt.

Maybe the price for Israel’s inaction will be a continued U.S. presence in Iraq?