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RE: Bolivia’s Troublesome Candidate

Regarding Jack Langer’s post about Bolivian presidential candidate, Evo Morales, where he writes: "Evo formed MAS by forging an alliance between coca-growing syndicates, remnants of Che Guevara-inspired guerrilla groups…"

GREAT! WONDEFUL! Because the only thing in the world stupider and more incompetent than a guerrilla group inspired by Che Guevara, would be one trained by Che Guevara. Che’s imbecilities while a "guerrilla" in Cuba, the Congo and Bolivia absolutely defy belief. Compared to Che in battle, Groucho Marx in Duck Soup cames across as Hannibal. See this article.

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Mr. Fontova is the author of Fidel: Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant

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