Out of Left Field

Hillary is facing another challenge from the left in her run for re-election.

Jonathan Tasini, a labor leader for 13 years, will be mounting an anti-war bid for the Democratic Senate nomination. He claims to be supported by several prominent liberal Democrats, including loud anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan.

Sheehan said in a statement that she was “pleased” that Tasini had stepped forward as a candidate and advised New Yorkers to “take a hard look at Mrs. Clinton’s dismal record” on the war.

For his part, Tasini said, “The incumbent is not in step with what the majority of New Yorkers think, particularly on the war.” “I think there’s a great base of people who are looking for something different.” Tasini has also vowed to go even further to the left on issues such as universal health care and opposing free trade.

In order to effectively challenge Sen. Clinton, Tasini hopes to raise $3 million to $5 million. “Our goal is not to try to match my opponent dollar for dollar,” he said. “We are dealing with a large political machine.”

Meanwhile, Hillary has amassed a $14-million war chest for her campaign, and her office refused to respond to Tasini’s remarks or comment on his candidacy. “Sen. Clinton is staying focused on New York,” said adviser Howard Wolfson.