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Dem Talking Points: Don’t Talk!

Ever wonder why politicians sound like, well, politicians? It’s because that’s what works! Ever wonder why Democrats do nothing but criticize? It’s because that’s what they are told to do by their leadership.

Today’s Washington Post offers a peek into Democrat talking points. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel (Ill) is quoted as saying:

"What I want Democrats to be discussing is what the president’s policies have led to," Emanuel said. He added that once discussion turns to a formal timeline for troop withdrawals, "the how and when gets buried" and many voters take away only an impression that Democrats favor retreat.

In other words, Emanuel is telling Dems: "The way to ‘stay on message’ is to simply poke holes in Bush’s plan. Just complain. The public doesn’t agree with us, so don’t dare say anything substantive. If you start trying to fix this thing, you are ‘off message’."

Of course, it is rare that a Dem be so up-front about their "talking points." The truth is, it doesn’t matter. We know what they are doing, and they know what we are doing, and it really comes down to who plays politics the best.

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Mr. Lewis has managed political campaigns and served as director of grassroots for the Leadership Institute, as well as political director for GOPAC. In 2002, Campaigns & Elections magazine selected him as a "Rising Star of Politics." He is the author of "Teaching Elephants to Talk." His blog can be read at

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