Top 10 Women in Conservative Movement

Ranked by the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute. To purchase the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute’s 2006 Great American Conservative Women Calendar. Order today and guarantee delivery by Christmas.

1. Ann Coulter
The author of four New York Times best-selling books, a television and radio commentator, attorney, Human Events legal affairs correspondent, nationally syndicated columnist, and the most popular campus speaker in the country.

2. Phyllis Schlafly
Defeated the Equal Rights Amendment by mobilizing millions of women, founder and president of Eagle Forum, author of more than 20 books, attorney, syndicated columnist, campus lecturer and debater, mother of four sons and two daughters.

3. Dr. Laura Schlessinger
A radio talk show host with more than 20 million listeners daily who “preaches, teaches, and nags” about morals, values, and ethics, best-selling author of seven books, married for 20 years, and mother of one son.

4. Bay Buchanan
President of The American Cause, conservative television commentator, treasurer of the United States under President Ronald Reagan, campaign chairman for brother Pat Buchanan’s two presidential campaigns, campus lecturer, and mother of three sons.

5. Michelle Malkin
Author of two best-selling books, Invasion and In Defense of Internment, and soon-to-be-best-seller Unhinged (Regnery—a Human Events sister company), runs one of the most popular conservative blogs in America, campus speaker, married for 13 years, and mother of a son and a daughter.

6. Marji Ross
President and publisher of Regnery Publishing, which has published 24 New York Times best-selling books during her tenure, her decision to print John O’Neill’s Unfit for Command changed the course of history in 2004, married for 16 years, and mother of three daughters.

7. Michelle Easton
Founded Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute to mentor young women for conservative leadership, served 12 years for President Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, president of Virginia State Board of Education for then-Gov. George Allen, attorney, married 31 years, and mother of three sons.

8. Star Parker
A former single welfare mother who reformed her life and became founder and president of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), author of two books, powerful campus speaker, television and radio personality, and mother of two daughters.

9. Sally Pipes
President of Pacific Research Institute, tackles tough issues of health care, pharmaceuticals pricing, and strategies for consumer-driven health care, former assistant director of Canada’s Frazer Institute, debater, speaker, and frequent television and talk-radio commentator.

10. Elaine Donnelly
Founder and president of the Center for Military Readiness, former member of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service on President George H. W. Bush’s Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces, married and mother of two daughters.


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