Another Non-Scandal

You probably recall how the media hounded Samuel Alito’s nonagenarian mother, Rose. A neighbor complained at the time:

“Mama Alito is just a sweet lady and we don’t understand why she is being hounded by these reporters. She can’t even go outside and tend to her fall flowers. She’s just a proud mother, what do they want?”

Well, following in the footsteps of these giants, some blogger at Daily Kos is trying to discredit Alito’s father, who died in 1987:

I checked it out using the US Army enlistment records for World War II. Samuel Alito of Mercer, New Jersey was born in 1914 in New Jersey. There are codes on the data set for "Nativity" as well as "Citizenship" so there is no possibility of error here – unless Sam Sr. lied when he enlisted in 1938 to serve his country.

Maybe Alito Sr. came here as a baby in 1914, or maybe he was encouraged to say that he was born in the United States to avoid enlistment problems. In either case, the man served his country, and in neither case does this reflect poorly on him — or his son. Nobody will care about this “scoop,” just as nobody will care when they ferret out an unpaid parking ticket or an overdue library book.

The angry left’s “all Republicans are liars” meme failed to catch on with that important non-psychopath demographic, and it’s hard to imagine this “sons of liars” extension will do any better.