Why Earn an Internship When You Can Buy Your Way In?

People for the American Way is teaching college students first-hand how to work into the political scene—buy your way in.
“Famous artists, writers and musicians” have donated to the PFAW’s “Auction for the American Way.” One of the items supporters can bid for is a month-long internship with “documentary” filmmaker Robert Greenwald of a Michael Moore wanna-be smear, “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price.”
This morning, the bidding for the internship sits at $1,525. Break it down and it’s only about $50.80 for an apprenticeship to get nuts and bolts to ruin American with simple video editing techniques.
Another top item is a chance to share a spot with Air America’s Janeane Garofalo ($1,425) to vent and scream your own anti-American sentiments with all 15 of their listeners.
Poor Alec Baldwin isn’t fetching nearly as many dollars as Jeannie, though. 2 tickets and backstage passes to meet him at his off-Broadway play “Entertaining Mr. Sloan” are only $457.

To check out the whole list look here.