White House on 2006

At a White House briefing last week, Human Events Political Editor John Gizzi asked whether the resignation of Rep. Randy Cunningham (R.-Calif.) for bribery and the ongoing investigation of Republican congressmen’s ties to Washington influence-peddler Jack Abramoff were causing President Bush to worry that the GOP might lose its 15-seat edge in the House next year.

“You’re talking about two different things,” Press Secretary Scott McClellan told Gizzi, noting that Bush had said what Cunningham did was “inexcusable” and “outrageous.” Regarding the elections, McClellan said, they were “a long way off” and they would be a contest between “a party with ideas and a clear vision” and “Democrats, who only know what they are against.” Bush’s top spokesman added that the President “looks forward to continuing to support candidates who share his ideas” next year.