Don't Grant 'Tookie' Clemency

Here we go again.  The “I Grew Up in the Ghetto without a Father” excuse has been resurrected by Hollywood stars to save gangsta and cold-blooded murderer, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, founder of the infamous “Crips” gang of Los Angeles.  The man who is cited as inspiration to gangsta-rap culture that helps to perpetuate poverty and violence in America is now claiming to be “reformed,” despite refusing to help law enforcement bring other gang members to justice. Nonetheless, Hollywood is lining up to help his cause.

In 1979, Tookie and three of his friends got high, an shot an attendant at the 7-Eleven with a 12 gauge shotgun before moving on to kill a motel owner, his wife, and visiting daughter for no apparent reason less than two weeks later.  Of course, the three witnesses, who were also his accomplices, are dead.  Furthermore, Tookie says the witnesses lie.  Didn’t they all, Tookie?  Boy, I’m beginning to wonder when Louis Farrakhan is going to publicly say that the person who really should’ve been tried for the four murders is, you guessed it, George W. Bush.  

Still, Tookie claims that he did not kill the owner of the Brookhaven Motel and his family.  Never mind the fact that the ballistics show that the shell casing came from Tookie’s 12 gauge; he’s not guilty.  Tookie himself has admitted to shooting and robbing numerous people since age 13, he still is trying to make himself out to be a victim of a racist society that drove him to commit heinous crimes, and now is falling prey to a Republican governor who probably won’t grant him clemency.  In fact, the likes Farrakhan would have you believe that we Europeans owe Tookie a multi-million dollar settlement because southern rednecks, all of whom voted Democrat, kept Tookie’s ancestors as slaves some 100 years before most American families immigrated to America in the 20th century.  

A man who claims to have been reformed by the Word of God and education is awfully hard to believe when his son is also in the slammer for second-degree murder.  I suppose he was corrupted by the White oppressor too.  It couldn’t be Tookie, Sr.’s fault for being a horrible father.  After all, it is said that Tookie is the inspiration for modern day songs about raping women and shooting n*****s, so he has contributed positively to the success of efforts by liberal academia to perpetuate inner-city poverty.  And what does the Left do for such people?  Why, they make a movie portraying him as a benevolent man and call it something inspirational, like Redemption, starring Jamie Foxx!  And of course, they ask college professors to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize!  Tookie is on his way to the level of stardom that only dictators like Chavez have enjoyed among liberals until now!

It is sad to think that in America, where the influence is on individualism, some do not hold people responsible for the crimes they commit.  Popular rapper Snoop Dogg was recently at a rally wearing a t-shirt saying “SAVE TOOKIE!”  If one didn’t know who Tookie was, one might mistake the criminal’s cute name for a little kid at St. Jude Hospital for whom Snoop and Jamie Foxx are raising money for a bone-marrow transplant.  But a rational thinker can see why Snoop wants to save Tookie; if Tookie is executed, Snoop and other rappers would be at a loss for lyrics for his next violent rap song that really will corrupt inner-city kids.  Notice, however, that clean rappers such as Will Smith, aren’t coming to Tookie’s aid.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger should not grant clemency to cold-blooded murderers.  Its time gangsta rappers such as Snoop Dogg stop turning criminals into role models for America’s children and blaming society for life’s problems.


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