Israel-Iran War

The US seems to be exploring its options vis-a-vis Iran in the event that the UN Security Council refuses to take action against that country’s nuclear weapons development program. Since Russia, which is making millions of dollars by assisting Iran’s nuclear program, has veto power in the Security Council, it looks unlikely that the UN will play a constructive role here.

The US is hoping to recruit some allies to slap sanctions on Iran outside of the UN’s auspicies. It’s doubtful, however, that even UN-sponsored sactions would deter Iran’s program. Saddam Hussein’s success in sanctions busting demonstrated the toothlessness of such penalties. After several decades, have sanctions brought Fidel Castro to heel?

Meanwhile, Israel is indicating it will resort to force, if necessary, to stop Iran’s nuclear program. As the Europeans and the UN continue to wring their hands, an Israeli attack on Iran is starting to look increasingly inevitable. I can’t help but wonder whether Sharon’s urgency in settling the Palestinian conflict may stem from a desire to solve the internal situation in advance of an external war.

Keep tuned to this one – the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Force has indicated March as the deadline for solving the problem diplomatically.