BBC and 'Dilemma' of Overwhelming Agreement on the Death Penalty

The BBC, living proof that Marxism’s collapse was not total, posted this article on their website Friday, linked from the main page under the teaser "Death row dilemma: Polls indicate support for the death penalty in the US is declining."  According to a recent Gallup poll, an incredible 30% of Americans oppose the death penalty.  (And most other polls do do not show opposition even this high) This lilliputian level of opposition is evidently quite a dilemma.  Funny though, that a poll showing that 77% of Britons oppose their nation’s ban on the death penalty, did not create a similar dilemma for the BBC.

Just to recap: 30% for BBC’s pro-murderer crusade is a major force for change; 77% against the BBC’s pro-murderer crusade is statistical trivia.


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