Arnold Has No Core Values

Schwarzenegger really showed his true colors and his values, or lack there of.  He has not only appointed a pro-choice, openly gay women as his Chief of Staff, she is a Democrat.

Response from the GOP went like this: “This makes Schwarzenegger a man without a country,” said GOP strategist Dave Gilliard, who helped run the campaign to recall Davis. “The Democrats will never accept him or embrace him, and now he’s breaking with his base. I don’t understand it.”

Response from the Democrats went like this: “Any move by the governor to embrace Democratic values is good news for the state,” said Steve Maviglio, spokesman for Democratic Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. “However, it leaves many Democrats, as well as Republicans, wondering if he has any core values at all.”

It’s official.  Schwarzenegger is a man without a country who has no core values.