Jimmy Carter and Abortion and Democrats

Abortion is murder.

It pays for conservatives to stay on target and keep saying that abortion is murder.
Like the children of Israel, liberals have wondered in the desert for 40 years without a clue.

JIMMY CARTER, our former president, now admits (after 40 years) that HIS PARTY is OUT OF STEP ON ABORTION!

Well, Hello Jimmy!  Why did it take 40 years?

Meeting with reporters in Washington recently, former President Jimmy Carter observed that its rigid pro-abortion stance has hurt the Democratic Party.
He also confessed that, as Christian, he believed abortion is always wrong.

As president, he appointed many pro-abortion judges and government officials.

Mr. Carter said that he and President Bush see eye to eye on abortion. Carter said, "I’ve never been convinced that Jesus Christ would approve of abortion,"  

Abortion is murder whether Jimmy Carter and the liberal Democratic party believe it or not.  So, Conservatives keep on telling them the truth!