Russian Sex Kitten Gets Elected

Here’s a typical bizarre story out of Russia–an all-around sex kitten (link contains photo!) who beat out both Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova in a poll of the world’s sexiest women was just elected to a regional legislature. The woman, Masha Malinovskaya, is a 23-year old who formerly hosted a racy music video program called "10 Sexy."

She was elected as a member of the ultra-nationalist party led by the rabble rouser Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Get a load of how she was recruited:

Malinovskaya was recruited to the LDPR cause after she struck up a rapport with the party’s flamboyant leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, on the set of a television reality show, "Imperia." On the show, which began shooting this summer in a Polish castle, participants played the roles of a master and servants. Zhirinovsky, playing the lord of the manor, picked Malinovskaya as one of his retinue. Zhirinovsky appeared to make a favorable impression on Malinovskaya, as she joined LDPR, calling it Russia’s "most progressive party."

It almost makes American politicians look serious by comparision.