CNN's Gives Press and Dollars to Pro-Abort Group

Perhaps this isn’t suprising, but when a CNN anchor proudly stated in the middle of a segment tonight, "The Doll Debate," on Paula Zahn Now about American Girl’s affiliation with pro-abort, pro-lesbian Girls Inc., that CNN also gave money to the group, I was taken aback.

The comment was offered completely unprovoked, but seems to reduce (if possible) CNN’s (self-lauded) reputation as an unbiased organization.

In a prelude to a segment with writer Mona Gable and Pro-Life Action League’s Anne Scheidler, the fill-in anchor for Paula Zahn Now said, "I’d like to point out CNN’s parent company Time Warner also gives money to Girls Inc."–a blatantly feminist, Title IX grabbing group of Roe-vers.

I blogged about this groups awhile ago after learning they were parterning with American Girl and Bath and Body Works and found Harriet Miers had served as a member of a Girls Inc. advisory board in Dallas, Texas in 1987.

To back up CNN’s justification as a group worthy of its dollars, Sen. Barak Obama was given tape time calling the debate between conservatives and the liberal group and their supporters "silly" siding with those on behalf of Girls Inc. (and, of course CNN).