Why Is No One Blaming Bill Clinton for Understating Terror Threat?

President Bill Clinton understated the intelligence threats to America after the first bombing of the World Trade Center on Feb. 26, 1993. That is where today’s clamor and investigation should be focused.

Clinton’s understating the threats posed by terrorism continued after the Khobar Towers attack on June 25, 1996, the bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania on Aug. 7, 1998, and the Oct. 12, 2000, attack on the USS Cole. He continued to understate the intelligence threats to Americans even after Osama bin Laden openly declared war on the United States.

The Clinton Administration took on a "look or sound tough" approach, but in reality a profoundly weak, almost, do-nothing attitude. To that end, it seems the Clinton Administration prosecuted a blind man for driving a truck into that WTC building in ’93 and then bombed a deserted desert training camp–emulating the French method of placate, supplicate and surrender and be occupied.

Where was the intelligence in 1993? Where were the badgering democratically controlled congressional intelligence oversight committee and media then? Wasn’t the intelligence budget cut to the bone before President Bush took office? Yes! Of course, but the war in Iraq is still Bush’s fault entirely.

Collapsing before the very eyes of Americans on 9/11 was the same World Trade Center in New York that was attacked in 1993.

This Democratic failure to defend America is the predominant cause of the Iraq War.

The current Democratic attack on the Bush Administration is based on the erroneous accusation that pre-war intelligence was overstated by Bush in order to go to war in Iraq for ulterior motives.

However, the United States itself has not been attacked since. Yes, other countries in Europe have been, but not America. The President undertook the necessary defense and clearly the proper offense. Therefore, it cannot be overstatement. Empirical evidence of weapons of mass destruction did exist–first in their use on natives in Iraq and residue on artillery shells thereafter. As to the rest, ask those nations bought off at the UN by Iraq.

Democrats now demand withdrawal of the American troops from Iraq because they accuse Bush and his administration of overestimating the threat to America. Democrats evidently prefer to continue underestimating danger to the safety of overestimating danger.

The same thing took place in pre-war intelligence in the Pacific in 1941.

The Democratic Party motto should be: "If it works, try something else." Ipso facto.

Not with my future and that of my progeny. Continue, Mr. President. Please continue.