That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It

The seven posts below form a 7,500 plus word argument that the Associated Press and MSM have provided unfair antiwar biased coverage of the War on Terror.  They are not simply providing objective coverage of both sides of the message.  They have taken an advocacy position and are actively working to influence public opinion against the war.

Until an influential person from the MSM steps forward to refute my argument, I’m going to consider my “opinion” as an undisputed fact.  

Now the big question…

I am without a doubt an insignificant little gnat.  The MSM can brush me off without breaking a sweat.  Are there enough gnats like me out there that care enough about this issue to make some noise of their own?  If enough gnats make enough noise, is it possible that we can create a commotion that the MSM will have to either refute my claim or address the problem I have identified?


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