Not Much More Change

For all the talk of a Democratic resurgence in the legislature, Virginia voters didn’t change much. With all 100 seats in the state House of Delegates up for election, Democrats made a net gain of one, reducing the Republican majority from 60 to 59. One noteworthy loss was the defeat of the Republican considered the most conservative delegate, Republican Richard Black of Loudon County. Democrat David Poisson, an educator, spent a six-figure amount to unseat Black, well known for his anti-tax stand and for sending tiny plastic models of fetuses to fellow lawmakers before votes on abortion restrictions. Poisson supported Gov. Warner’s record-high tax increase and was pro-abortion.

One staple of their particularly nasty contest was Black’s propensity in public speeches to refer to his opponent as “David Poison”—leading hecklers to chant back “It’s pwah-SAHN!”

Another staunch conservative who survived a well-funded Democratic assault was fellow Delegate Jeff Fredrick of Northern Virginia.