Hoping for Revenge

The Democrats whined Friday that the Republicans weren’t playing fair when they held a vote on the resolution John Murtha proposed the day before.  As I elaborated in my post Saturday Murtha’s resolution was meant to generate press coverage, but not a vote.

Perhaps the Democrats will seek revenge and make an example out of Republican Jeff Flake by calling for a vote on his resolution.  How about voting on the resolution identified in Rep. Flake’s clever November 16 press release

Congressman Flake has introduced legislation (H.R. 4071) that would give states greater flexibility to spend funding from the transportation bill as they see fit.  The bill would allow states to disregard earmark instructions in the bill and spend the money on projects they believe are of greatest importance.  It would also rescind 10 percent of funding in the bill for deficit reduction and to offset hurricane recovery spending.

The Democrats must know that just about everybody who voted against Murtha’s resolution would want to vote against Rep. Flake’s resolution.  Come on Democrats!  Pay back the Republicans and make an example out of Congressman Flake.