Furious Dems Didn't Think GOP Would Take Murtha at His Word

Democrats are furious because of the GOP stunt to take Rep. John Murtha at his word and have the vote he called for.  Hmmm?  What’s going on here?

It’s all about controlling the news cycle.  Murtha’s statement gave the Democrats the disingenuous public relations platform that the Associated Press ran with.  See my earlier post. The Republicans finally got their head in the game and shot back.  They called the Democrats bluff.  The outrage is captured by our friend at the AP Liz Sidoti:

Furious Democrats accused the GOP of orchestrating a political stunt, leaving little time for debate and changing the meaning of a withdrawal resolution offered by Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania.

For those reasons, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent word to rank-and-file Democrats to vote–with the Republicans–against immediate withdrawal of American troops.


Wausau Daily Herald headline November 18: "Pro-war Democrat: ‘Time to bring them home’ "

House resolution voted on November 18:  "Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately."

Murtha articulated his position on the war that made the headline.  On the same day he voted against that position.  The Democrats in the House, completely void of intellectual honesty, are whining that the Republicans “attacked’ Murtha by holding a vote on a statement that was just meant for propaganda purposes.

The Republicans finally scored a point in the media front of the War on Terror.  Let’s hope they keep it up.


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