Email Your Newspaper and Talk Radio Station

Following is an email I sent to my local paper and talk radio station Saturday. My premise is that if we can get one editor to publicly challenge the Associated Press, it will ignite a firestorm. The AP is caught red handed here and now is our best chance to make some real change. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same thing I did. Let’s flush them out.


Mark Baldwin
Executive Editor
Daily Herald

Pat Snyder
Talk Show Host
News Radio 55 SAU

Tom King
News Radio 55 SAU


There was a funny instance of media bias yesterday (Friday Nov. 18th). The AP duped the Wausau Daily Herald into running an opinion commentary on the front page of the paper. Apparently, the paper was tricked into thinking the dispatch was a news story, but this one made me laugh out loud. I hope you and your listeners think it is funny also.

The Headline: Pro-war Democrat: ‘Time to bring them home’

First Paragraph: One of Congress’ most hawkish Democrats called Thursday for an immediate U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

The funny part: That same day, the hawkish Democrat (John Murtha) voted against an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

How is it possible for a newspaper to get it so wrong? As I have written extensively, the Democrats and their willing accomplices at the AP are playing games with the War on Terror. There strategy is to erode public support for the war. Unfortunately, it is working and we are losing the battle in the media. The reason is because newspapers like the Wausau Daily Herald are too obtuse to see the game for what it really is, they keep printing the drivel the AP, and the Democrats want printed.

This can only encourage the terrorists and make them try harder to kill more of our soldiers. More people are going to die because our nation’s newspapers have lost site of the who, what, when, where and why of objective news. Okay, I’m not laughing anymore, but let me say that again. President Bush is going to stay in Iraq, period. This war is going to go on for at least another three years. If the terrorists think they are gaining ground eroding public support over here, they will fight harder and longer. If the terrorists see public support for the war increase over here, they will lose some of their enthusiasm to fight.

Here is my blog item about the Wausau Daily Herald from earlier in the day (before the vote).

My belief is that Mark Baldwin can help start correcting this unfortunate situation by demanding objective news from the AP. If he doesn’t want to do that, I challenge him to refute my claim. Here are three (there are many more) dispatches he printed. All of them look more like commentary than news to me. What do you think?

Printed as main news WDH Nov. 12.

Printed as main news WDH Nov. 18.

Printed as main news WDH Nov. 19.

Please note, the above dispatches were edited for space and not printed exactly as above, but you get the point.

Our soldiers deserve a fair fight in the media.