GOP Congressman Tells Dems: Put Your Votes Where Your Mouths Are

The repeated calls from a group of supposed leaders of this country to cut and run are costing American lives. We are looking at the security of America’s future right now. And if we heed to the demands of those in this body that make declarations simply to gain air time for themselves, we are looking at the dangerous possibility of becoming a country that lives in fear on our own soil.

We must not surrender to terrorists and we must fight and prevail now, where they are, and not on our own soil later. I refuse to believe Americans want to live where guards must protect every school, synagogue and hospital. I refuse to allow our children and grandchildren to live in fear every day of backpack and truck bombers. That is not freedom. That is not freedom as our founders envisioned, nor is it freedom that the United States symbolizes for the entire world.

I urge my colleagues to remember that we did not start this war. We were in fact very late to acknowledge we were at war–Osama bin Laden declared war on us in Afghanistan almost ten years ago.