Walking the Line on Walk the Line

One of the things you probably don’t know about me is that I’m a huge Johnny Cash fan.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but this suave man-about-town actually grew up listening to old-school country like Cash, Waylon, Willie, Conway, and the like, but it’s true. (Granted, it’s become fashionable to be a Cash fan, but who else would admit to you that he likes Ronnie Milsap?)

Okay back to Cash. You might think that a Cash fan of my magnitude would be ecstatic about his new movie. You would be only half right. It’s precisely because of the reverence I have for country music that I have very mixed feeling about Walk the Line. If nothing else, the fact that they got Reese Witherspoon to play June Carter Cash is a terrific sign. And the fact that Cash was a part of the casting of the movie is a good sign, too. Still, I can’t help but fearing Hollywood will find a way to mess it up.

Until I see it with my own eyes (hopefully this weekend), I will "walk the line" between excitement and a feeling of impending doom, regarding the movie.  I just hope they don’t do to Johnny what they did to Andy Kaufman.