RE: Why is Talk Radio Conservative?

Thanks, Todd, for those really kind words regarding my column.  I used to be a big deal around here before you went and got on The O’Reilly Factor, so it means a lot coming from you.

I very much liked your comment about intellectual honesty being an important factor in limiting the ability of liberal commentators to succeed in talk radio.  It comes frighteningly close to one point that I left out of this week’s column for space reasons: one reason why liberal radio audiences are so wed  (oops, I mean civically united) to NPR, rather than a more conventional format such as “Air America,” is that they like the illusion of a traditional “unbiased” news format to carry their ideas.

To self-identify themselves as “liberal” by listening to a open liberal advocacy format is very distasteful.  For decades they’ve been able to hide behind the anchors at ABC, CBS, and NBC, or the “news” sections of the NY Times or Washington Post and pretend that their worldview was the inevitable result of a dialectical analysis of undeniable facts. 

They’ve not had to admit they have just one considered viewpoint among many.  To have to slug it out in a call-in format seems like a step backward for them.   So they let the common folk have AM and stick to the dying format of the mainstream media.