Play It Cool, Larry, Real Cool

Two weeks ago Sen. Larry Craig (R.-Idaho) had some fun teaming up for an impromptu debut with “The Late Show with David Letterman” keyboard master Paul Schaffer.

At a fundraiser for the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, the audience was serenaded with an original song inspired by Craig’s earlier meeting with Supreme Court nominee Judge Sam Alito. With Schaffer’s help, the two crooners treated partygoers to this ditty to the tune of “Maria” from the “West Side Story” called “Alito.”

The most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard
Alito, Alito, Alito
Alito, I just met a judge named Alito
And suddenly the name will never be the same
Alito, Bush just picked a judge named Alito
Alito, say it proud, that Republican saying
Say it soft and there’s Democrats praying
Alito, may the Senate confirm Alito


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