MoveOn Mayhem Wednesday

MoveOn is wrangling a new campaign to terminate budget cuts calling Republican recommendations "reverse Robin Hood cuts."

I’m not completely sure what that means. "Reverse Robin Hood cuts." Somehow budget cuts are stealing from the poor and giving to the rich? Is that what they are dancing around? Good gosh, how can you steal something from someone when WHEN IT NEVER BELONGED TO THEM!? If this is the case I quit Human Events and am going to reverse Robin Hood wrestle myself a smooth SUV, spanking-new PDA and diamond stud earrings I’m entitled to.

If anything, it further cements my thoughts of the left’s agenda to ruthlessly steal from the rich and give to the poor, the black, the homosexual, the Hawaiians, the Indians and whatever invented minority they please.

Anyhow, MoveOn’s email tells me to expect "street  theatre" at 12 pm Wednesday on the House side of Capitol South Metro Stop. Speakers "who would be affected by the cuts" will be on hand to beg passerby’s for their pity and perhaps some spare change.  I’ll on the sidewalk watching amusedly with popcorn and my notepad. Look for the wrap-up here that afternoon.