I??¢â???¬â???¢m Playing Offense

I’m going beyond writing about media bias this week.  I’m taking an active roll to try to make some change.  My column today is the first step.  I’m asking people who disagree with my position regarding media bias to debate me here at The Right Angle. 

I’ve also sent this column to Associated Press reporter Deb Riechmann.  Since both today’s column and last weeks column comment on her biased coverage of President Bush’s message, I thought I should giver her the chance to respond.

More importantly, I sent the column to more than 50 newspapers this weekend asking them to publish it.  I plan to follow up with phone calls this week.  Some of the Editors who make the decision to publish Riechmann will be put on record this week.  My hope is that some of this will trickle up and they themselves will call AP to question them.

On a local level, I will be questioning the Editor of this market’s newspaper.  I’m attempting to get the talk radio station involved.  This may be a little difficult considering they had me in-studio for 90 minutes on Thursday, but I am at least going to try.

Any progress I make (or don’t make) will be posted at The Right Angle.