Washington State: Close Calls

In a state more often dubbed “blue” rather than “red,” Washington State voters came close to upending Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire’s half-cent increase in the fuel tax.

One year after she was declared governor on a third count of the ballots, Gregoire’s tax increase just survived a statewide repeal initiative, 52.5% to 47.5%.

King County (Seattle) Executive Ron Sims, one of the state’s high-profile Democratic powers, managed re-election in a heavily Democratic county by an unimpressive margin of 54% to 40% over Republican County Councilman David Irons.

Having had to buck the county GOP organization and win a contested primary, lawyer Reagan Dunn was an easy winner in a race for an open county council seat. Dunn, named for the former President, is the son of former Rep. (1988-2004) Jennifer Dunn.